Student Leadership Colloquium

The Student Leadership Colloquium is a gathering of student leaders, academics, and policy makers to work toward effecting change in the atmosphere surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian discussion.  The Leadership Colloquium draws from various campuses to create a unique group of student leaders committed to furthering a civil and nuanced discussion on their respective campuses.  This Colloquium helps to educate, support and empower these students to be forces for positive change in their college communities and create a model for the discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on North American campuses.  During the course of this three day-seminar, participants engage with leading academics and policy makers, all prominent voices in various aspects of the conflict, and work together to create action plans for making meaningful change on their respective campuses. The Colloquium fosters a safe environment for students from diverse ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds, allowing them space to forge meaningful relationships with one another.  A Colloquium took place at Brown University in 2012 with a delegation of representatives from the Ivy League Universities.